Friday, January 6, 2012

Dreaming of Malibu...Please Vote For Me!

Have you ever wanted something so bad you could taste it? Well, I'm tasting healthy meals, smelling sunblock and feeling like getting my butt kicked by trained professionals. What is happening? Am I going crazy? No. I am just a contestant in the 2012 Year of You contest. A four week stay at The Biggest Loser Resort in Malibu is the grand prize. Ten winners will be chosen by a panel of judges. Currently, I have made it to the public voting round. This round will narrow the contestants down to 30 finalists. The votes are coming in, but the number doesn't show, so I don't know how I rank compared to my competition. Rumor has it that the rankings will be revealed next week. It's enough to drive a person bonkers! I will just remain calm and continue on the campaign trail.

I'm not alone in my quest. I am fortunate enough to be joined in this competition by six amazing Twitter Friends of mine; Bethany Vale, Kristin Black, Rob Cohn, Kristy Landers, Sherrie Atteberry and Megan Owens. We all agree that it would be beyond incredible if we could all win and finally meet each other in person, at the resort. Votes are what we need right now. Once we get voted to the Final 30, we will have to trust that the judges will see how special we are. Please help us in our quest by casting your vote once a day until January 15th. Voting will close at noon that day. Here's the link to the contestant page and I've posted my contest video below, which also includes the same link in the description section. Thank you all so much!

Vote for me! Pretty please!!!

Enjoy my video and please vote. Thanks! :)


  1. Keep up the good work Theresa! I too gained over the holidays, but am finally back to my 12/22 weight. Have lost 29.2 pounds since you saw me last summmer. My trick - cut out the gluten (almost 100%) and water water water! I love you and am praying for you! Hugs from your auntie!

  2. Hi Theresa, I hadn't noticed that I wasn't following your blog. How are you? I'm so late for this otherwise I would've voted. What were the end results?

    xx Tamyr

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